Full Body Strength

30–Minute Whole Body Workout

It is possible to get a great workout in when tight on time. With the right exercises, you’ll be able to target all your major muscle groups, improve your strength and conditioning, and achieve a high-calorie burning workout. The next time you have a busy day ahead of you, try this 30-minute workout that will have you feeling like you worked out for an hour.

The Workout

The emphasis of this workout is on compound exercises – movements that target large muscle groups.

Dynamic Warmup (5 Minutes)

  • Walkouts (30s)
  • Squats (30s)
  • Divers (30s)
  • Jumping Jacks (30s)

 Using a pair of dumbbells, perform the next four exercises for as many sets as possible in 20 minutes. Make sure you pick a weight that is comfortable and always pay attention to your form.

Compound Training (25 Minutes)

  • DB Split Squat + Shoulder Press (10)
  • DB Glute Bridge (20)
  • DB Renegade Row (10)
  • DB Chest Press (10)

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