Movement Weight Loss

Strength Training for Fat Loss

While it is possible to blast body fat using methods such as cardio training, strength training has popularized itself as a go-to method to lean down for many people. A well-planned strength training session is capable of burning a high amount of calories all while building lean muscle. Check out the article below to learn how to use this method of training to burn body fat and achieve high-calorie burning workouts.  

The key to using strength training to induce fat loss is to use your body’s physiology to your advantage. Muscle tissue is metabolically active. In other words, muscle requires energy to maintain and use.

This means two things:

  1. The more muscle you are able to activate during your workout, the more energy you will use for that given session.
  2. The more muscle you are able to build through your workouts, the more energy your body will use while you are not working out.

This becomes important because energy in the body comes in the form of calories.

Simply put, your body burns more calories the more muscle mass you have and the more muscle mass you use during your workouts.

The result is a leaner and stronger you. 

The key to building an effective strength training workout that will help you maximize the amount of muscle mass you use and the amount of calories you burn per training session is to place an emphasis on compound exercises.

Compound exercises are exercises that involve the movement of multiple joints, such as the squat.

Next time you’re in the gym and want a high calorie burning work out, try out one of the programing techniques I use with my clients when designing their programs called the Big 4 method. This method involves performing four compound movements – pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging.

Combining all four compound movements into one set of exercises guarantees that you will activate the highest amount of muscle mass possible while maximizing the amount of calories you burn per session.

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