It has been nearly two years since I went to Best Buy and purchased my first DSLR camera. It was an impulse buy and I haven’t looked back since. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to get out into the world and do something that I’ve always had a passion for – creating art. I got introduced to the world of Instagram and the thousands of very talented content creators and I was inspired to continue to grow as a photographer. I remember how I used to, and still do, scroll through Instagram and get inspired by these creators and the pictures they were posting – the way that I would admire the locations and the color edits. I remember thinking to myself, “I want to do that.” Fast-forward nearly two years later and here I am sharing my pictures with the world.

We all have people we look to for inspiration and for guidance – people that shape our lives. This website is the result of mixing what I’ve learned from those people with my experiences and my passion for creating.